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Spring Maintenance Check

Make sure your HVAC system survived the winter and is ready for summer!
Contact Kulla Heating & Air to schedule a check up!

Before You Call Us …
Think your air conditioner is broke? Prior to contacting Kulla Heating & Air, check the following:
  • The filters: A dirty filter will have the coils ice up and block air flow. If you need air filters, then click now to contact us!
  • The outside condenser coil: Your coil needs to be clean for optimum performance. Make sure it's free of all contaminates, like cotton, shrubs and dust.
  • The saver switch: Your power company can turn the unit off with a saver switch. If this is the case, you'll be able to tell as a light above the switch will be on. Please wait 15 minutes before calling to make sure it isn't the power company cycling them off.
  • The power: Many times, getting your A/C working is as simple as flipping a switch. Make sure there is power to your air conditioner.
  • The thermostat: Check to see if the thermostat is on cool, with the set point being lower than the temperature in your home. Also make sure the batteries are good.

Twin Cities Air Conditioning Repair Services

Kulla Heating & Air's AC repair services include:
  • Repairs on All Makes & Models
  • Maintenance Checks (Contact Us to schedule your Fall Maintenance Check!)
  • Emergency A/C Repairs (We Provide

    24 Hour HVAC Service!)

  • Cooling System Leak Repair
  • Ductless Mini Split Service
  • Service to Existing Systems
  • And More! Anything with air conditioners or cooling, we do it!
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